Media Room DIY: Simple Ways to Conceal your Cables

Having the latest TV, gaming, and sound technology is a great way to enjoy your favorite entertainment. But after setting up the flat-screen and surround sound, you’re often left with an unsightly tangle of cords.

Not even a media console or entertainment center can hide them all, meaning you’ll have to get creative to make everything look put together. These creative cord-concealing tips ensure your gadgets are organized and good to go.

Cord management systems

Hiding the cables for your entertainment system is especially difficult if your TV or speakers are wall mounted. With a few supplies and a couple hours of your time, you can hang your TV on the wall without an ugly bunch of cords. Cutting two holes in the drywall through which to thread cords is an easy enough solution, but it isn’t up to code. You can install an in-wall cord management system for less than $50 from Amazon. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to install.

DIY zip ties

Plastic zip ties are an inexpensive option for corralling cords, especially if you have a large entertainment center. Organize cords by device, and make sure that each is straightened out with no kinks. Zip tie cords together in groups of three or four, making sure there is adequate room to prevent overheating. To avoid confusion when you move, use colored electrical tape to mark each device’s cord.

Creative placement of area rugs

Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid running cords along the floor, especially if you’re in an older home. A strategically placed area rug will conceal cables; just use electrical tape to secure the cords. It’s important to make sure that cords aren’t placed in high-traffic areas. Buy a cable that is longer than what you need and secure it along the perimeter of the room to keep it out of the way.

Use your furniture

Furniture is an obvious choice for concealing wires, but not in the way you might think. Drill holes in the back of a desk that faces the wall and thread through messy computer cords, or cut small openings in the back of entertainment center shelves to avoid a mess of cables in the middle of the living room. Be sure to measure exactly where to drill or you’ll end up doing the work twice.

It probably isn’t possible to make all of the cables in your home disappear, but these tips will make the mess behind your electronics more manageable. There’s also a safety bonus to neatly concealing cables and cords. A jumbled mass of coaxial cable and power cords is much more likely to be a fire hazard than an organized set-up.


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